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Paris, finally. After finding an apartment and getting adjusted to the French I’m back. Sorry for the wait, but I hope you like what is to come. My culinary experience in Paris is pretty amazing and I don’t know where to start. The students, chefs, and learning est magnifque. I’m learning so much and I feel like I am growing each day. I have to say that the school and the chefs are even better than what I have expected. They have eached worked in a restaurant or pastry shop since age 14 and now they are around 50 years old. You can’t compare that kind of experience and passion with many other chefs. And that’s why I came to Paris. Voila.

But, its no breeze (even though the chefs consider it a vacation compared to restaurant work). I prepare about 5 dishes a week, including both pastry and cusine, so you can image what my fridge looks like. So far, I’ve made rabbit with mustard sauce, crab bisque, puff pastry with poached eggs, boeuf bourguignon, eclairs, tartletts, apple tart, mergine, and a bunch of other stuff. But enough talk- probably already scrolled down to see the pics. So here’s the best I have to offer. I have to catch up a month’s worth so its just pics for now:
Chaussons aux pommes( Apple turnovers)


Tartlettes a l’orange et au chocolat
Batons de marechaux
Eclair & Chouquettes

Palets aux raisins
And 1 for cuisine for now Boeuf Buorguignon

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