Ro's Amazing Fried Rice

This dish was not prepared by me. Ro, is short for my friend, Robin, who is the chef of this dish. Rather than me playing the role as the teacher, I was the student under Robin’s hand in this session. She has mastered her family recipe of fried rice to a tee and I can confidently say that it is the best fried rice I have ever tasted. In this lesson, I tried to pick up on all the specific methods that make the dish so flavorful. She was generous to share with me the family secrets that have been passed down to her, but despite that, I know I will never perfect the dish just as beautifully and consistently as Robin does. The pictures below show Robin’s preparation of the dish. I am warning you that it is long and exact, but the best recipe I know of for fried rice. In interest for keeping Robin’s fried rice a family recipe, I will not include the exact recipe here. But, there are ample pictures to basically make fried rice the same way. I hope you enjoy it and have your chopsticks ready.

Also, because I enjoyed learning, and so much appreciate gathering recipes from generous friends like Robin, I ask you to please contact me if you are willing to teach me one of your recipes. In turn, I will teach you one of mine if you would like. Thanks, friends.

This recipe must be done in two batches. It cannot be halved. It can feed 10-15 people as a side or about 8 as a main dish. The rice must be cooked a day ahead of time. The cooking time for the actual fried rice is 2 hours so allow plenty time.

Directions via illustrations:

Chop all ingredients:

Fry the rice:

Add onions, peas, and carrots:

Scramble egg:

Add some seasoning:
Add bean sprouts:

Make second batch:

Thanks, Robin, for the delicious meal and lesson!

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