Chile Relleños

Nothing feels like home, than eating some hearty Mexican food- the kind that takes half the day to make. But its so worth it. So, for Father’s Day, my Dad opted to cook, one of his passions (thanks Dad), instead of trying to beat the crowds for service at some restaurant. I thought it was a great choice, because Father’s Day is a madhouse, and, this way I could learn the secrets on how to make one of his amazing dishes. We had some Pasilla chiles in the fridge, and he couldn’t wait to make Chile Relleños. Now, if you have never tried these, and enjoy a little kick in your food, you really ought to. I don’t think you know Mexican food, until you have tried a chile relleno. These, could be, arguably, my favorite Mexican dish.

What a Chile Relleño is, so its pronounced Chile ray-enn-o, is basically a large green chile that has been stuffed with cheese, fried, and then basked in a light tomato sauce. But, there is real work that goes into this dish. First, the chiles must be roasted, and then the skin peeled. Then, after the chiles are cleaned and the seeds have been removed, they are stuffed with mozzarella cheese, sealed with toothpicks, and dipped in flour then a batter of whipped egg whites, to be fried. They are removed from the pan and placed on a paper towel to drain the oil. Then, you blend to make the tomato sauce in a blender, and put the sauce and Chile  Relleños back into the same pan to let them simmer together. And that’s it. Haha.
I have yet to try this recipe on my own, but I’m hoping its in my blood. I want to give a shout out to my Dad and say thanks for taking the time to teach me how its done, and to show me the true essence of Mexican cooking. The recipe is not here, just a picture of dish. When, I make it on my own, I will include a recipe, but for now, just enjoy the art.

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